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  • Conservation by Design supports TNC teams in building and improving conservation strategies. It should be used by any TNC team looking to:

    • Develop a new strategy
    • Improve an existing strategy
    • Review a strategy component during implementation 
    • Incorporate learning from adaptive management
  • Conservation by Design is intended for use by TNC staff and partners working on TNC strategies. It is not yet supported for external use. However, we make the modules freely available on our modules page as part of our commitment to collaboration and learning.

  • A strategy is a coherent body of actions that contribute to TNC’s 2030 Goals. Strategies are defined by a theory of change and executed through projects.

  • Strategies answer the question “What should we do?” Projects answer the question “How should we do it”? Projects are the building blocks of strategies that contribute to our 2030 Goals. Projects are how we implement our strategies, and—critically—where we gather the learning that will inform adaptation of the strategy over time. Conservation by Design is focused on strategies, and is not designed for project management.

  • A module is a package of materials that helps a conservation team work through a specific step or aspect of conservation planning in a time-bound, efficient manner. Each module consists of a summary document, one or more tools to support teams in completing the module, and a module Facilitator’s Guide. 

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