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We are building a community to support TNC conservation practitioners

The Conservation by Design team is training facilitators who can provide support to TNC teams as they put the modules into practice. Use the link below to learn more!

Getting Started with the Modules

If you are a TNC staff member planning to implement one or more modules, we highly encourage you to visit our Connect Page (only accessible to TNC staff) so you can learn more about how to receive support.

Not TNC Staff?

Support for implementing Conservation by Design is only available to TNC staff at this time. However, the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (or "Conservation Standards") are an alternative, widely used resource for conservation planning. Though we make Conservation by Design materials available to all, we recommend that conservation practitioners who are not affiliated with TNC start with the Conservation Standards, for which support is available through the Conservation Coaches Network.

We Would Love Your Feedback!

Your feedback is vital to helping us make the Conservation by Design modules more user-friendly and impactful. Please use the form below to share how we can improve our modules and our program. All feedback is anonymous.

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