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MODULE INTRODUCTION (2:46) Define and align on the scope of the strategy development process.

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imagePrep: 1 hr | Module: 3 hrimageTeam: 5-10

If team members have different understandings of the scope of a strategy, it often poses a significant barrier to success. The Planning Scope module helps a conservation team sufficiently align on scope to be able to productively develop or improve a strategy.

The Planning Scope module is typically completed early in the planning process, when a strategy is being created or expanded, or when external circumstances have changed significantly. It is also helpful for newly forming teams, or for teams where there is evidence of divergence around scope.

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    • A list of key factors that define the strategy’s scope, including those that are in scope and those that are out of scope.
    • Documentation of important themes relating to scope.
    • An assessment of whether in-scope factors are central or more peripheral to the strategy’s core focus.
    • What are the foundational elements of the scope of our strategy such as geographic breadth, key themes and/or targets?
    • Do all team members share the same understanding of this scope?
  • This module represents a foundational step in developing or improving a strategy, and is specifically designed for teams still in the process of finding alignment. Therefore, we do not suggest including external partners or interested parties for this particular step. That said, it is important to ensure that participants represent the full range of skills and experience from within TNC that is likely to be needed for the strategy’s implementation. Teams will also need a facilitator—ideally, someone from outside the planning team—who has completed training on this module.

  • This module takes 3 hours to complete. This includes a 2 1/2-hour workshop session, as well as an additional 30 minutes of pre-work for all participants. The strategy team lead and module facilitator should also expect to commit 1 hour of prep and wrap-up time.

  • This module is well-suited for teams at the outset of developing or improving a strategy. Teams should have a general sense of the conservation issues they want to tackle and plan for before proceeding with this module.

  • This module follows a three-step process:

    1. Consider the factors that define scope for this strategy.
    2. Assess alignment among team members on these factors. 
    3. Discuss factors where there is not alignment, and decide whether to consider them in or out of scope at this stage.  

Planning Scope Module Documents

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