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***Please Note: This module is still under development***

The Integrating Equity module helps teams deepen their understanding of equitable conservation and apply an equity lens to the conservation planning process. It provides guidance, examples, and tools to support teams as they develop or adaptively manage strategies that embed equity in their design, implementation, and outcomes. 

The Integrating Equity module is a foundational, stand-alone module, ideally completed at the outset of the planning process. However, teams can find value in completing this module at any stage.  

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    • A shared understanding of equity and equitable conservation and their relevance to the various stages of strategy development.
    • A baseline assessment of where the team and strategy are with equity, and opportunities to strengthen equity.
    • An awareness of equity-related resources and tools available to support the strategy development process.
    • What do we need to consider if we’re going to strengthen equity in our strategy?
    • How can we build equity into our strategy from the start?
    • What do we mean by equity? And how do we integrate DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice) in the planning process?
    • What are methods and tools to help our team develop or adaptively manage for a more equitable strategy?
  • The primary participants are the core planning team. Teams will also need a facilitator—ideally, someone from outside the planning team—who has completed training on this module.

  • The module consists of two workshop sessions of 2 hours each.

  • There are no specific requirements for the Integrating Equity module—all that is required is readiness by all participants to engage actively and learn. Teams should have a general sense of the conservation issues they want to tackle and plan for.

    1. Session 1: Understanding. Establish a common understanding of equity and equitable conservation, explore examples of equity and inequity in practice, connect equity to the various stages of strategy development, and receive guidance on how to describe what equity means in the context of their strategy. 
    2. Session 2: Reflect. Complete a guided self-assessment on how equity has been addressed in the strategy so far, explore what it would mean to better integrate equity, and identify steps to do so.

Integrating Equity Module Documents

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***Please Note: This module is still under development***

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